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Wooden stand for 1 shoe spoon Pasotti

Wooden stand for 1 shoe spoon Pasotti

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The Pasotti wooden shoe spoon holder is a beautiful decorative element that will enhance the look of any hallway.

This stand is made of natural wood, which gives it a smooth texture that radiates e sophistication and refinement. The black color perfectly complements the gold hardware, creating a beautiful contrast that is sure to draw attention.

The wooden stand can hold one shoehorn and is the perfect accessory for those who appreciate luxury and functionality. It features the Pasotti brand logo, which gives the design a touch of exclusivity and prestige.

The Pasotti Stand-1 Wooden Shoe Coaster is a great gift, especially when purchased with the shoe spoon, by the same Italian brand Pasotti.

With its natural wood material and a minimalist design, this stand is the perfect example of the luxury and sophistication for which the Pasotti brand is known.


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