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Shoe spoon Pasotti CS PC - WATER BUFFALO HORN

Shoe spoon Pasotti CS PC - WATER BUFFALO HORN

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The handy Pasotti CS PC water buffalo horn shoe spoon is a unique and luxurious shoe accessory that is both stylish and functional. Handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen, this shoe spoon is made from the finest buffalo horn and is 55cm long, providing enough reach to easily put on any shoe.

The buffalo horn handle is made with great craftsmanship to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. This shoe spoon is not only a practical shoe dressing aid, but also a stunning work of art that will enhance the style of a luxury hallway or dressing room.

Pasotti CS PC buffalo horn shoe spoon is shipped worldwide, packaged in a Pasotti branded polythene bag. The unusual and rich appearance of the spoon make it an original gift for any shoe lover.

Add this gorgeous and unusual shoe spoon to your collection and experience the luxury and quality that Pasotti is known for. The Pasotti CS PC shoe spoon with water buffalo horn handle is a striking example that is sure to impress.


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