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Folding men's grey umbrella with Owl handle Pasotti 64S 6434-9 W44

Folding men's grey umbrella with Owl handle Pasotti 64S 6434-9 W44

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Elevate your rainy day attire with the quintessentially stylish umbrella from Pasotti, Italy's premier umbrella artisan. Exhibiting a sophisticated grey cage print, this umbrella is not just an accessory — it's a statement.

✨ Distinctive Features:
🦉 Owl-Shaped Handle: A symbol of wisdom and grace, the owl-shaped handle, fashioned from silver composite material, makes this umbrella a true masterpiece.
🎨 Italian Craftsmanship: Every Pasotti umbrella tells a story of tradition and quality. From the robust fittings resistant to fierce wind gusts to the luscious polyester fabric, excellence is imbued in every fiber.
⚙️ Semi-Automatic Mechanism: A mere press of the button unveils the 100 cm wide dome, providing ample protection while retaining ease of manual closure.


Brand: Pasotti
Origin: Italy
Material: Premium Polyester
Colour Palette: Elegant Grey with Silver Fittings
Dimensions: Dome width of 100 cm when open; Stands tall at 65 cm; Foldable length of 47 cm
Umbrella Type: Folding
Mechanism: Semi-automatic
Premium Packaging:
Wrapped in an exquisite gift box bearing the revered Pasotti logo, this umbrella is perfect for gifting or simply pampering yourself. It also includes a sleek case to ensure your umbrella stays pristine.

Feel more comfortable, confident and stylish in rainy weather with Pasotti than ever before. 🌂🌦️

SKU:64S 6434-9 W44

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