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Tony Perotti

Briefcase men's leather brown Tony Perotti Italico 8091 moro

Briefcase men's leather brown Tony Perotti Italico 8091 moro

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Introducing the men's leather brown Tony Perotti Italico 8091 Moro briefcase, a stylish and functional accessory designed to elevate your professional image. Crafted from premium leather.

With a width of 38 cm, height of 28 cm, and thickness of 5 cm it offers ample room being overly bulky or cumbersome.

The briefcase fastens securely on the latch and key, providing enhanced security for your belongings.

Inside the main pocket, you'll find three card pockets and two additional pockets for storing small articles such as pens, business cards, or mobile devices. The front pocket features a zipper closure. Additionally, there is an outside pocket on the back wall of the briefcase.

The impeccable design and thoughtful features make The Tony Perotti Briefcase an essential companion for business meetings, travels, and daily commutes.

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